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If I read what everybody else is reading, then I’ll think like everybody else

I remember being in conversation with a friend of mine who had just started working at a top behavioral economics consultancy right around the time when I started consulting independently.

He said that he felt like he should read all of the original Kahneman and Tversky papers. I proposed a thought experiment:

If you’re working at a consultancy where everybody has read those papers, who would you prefer to work with: someone who can repeat back to you research that you have already read, or somebody who brings novel research and background to the table?

In my opinion, somebody who only spends all their time reading the same research I have read is replaceable in a conversation. I'd rather talk to someone with a unique perspective

My approach, is of course, different. I Follow curiosity unconditionally and end up reading beyond any given silo and enjoy myself greatly in the process. I’m familiar with Kahneman and Tversky’s work of course, I studied behavioral economics in college, but I don’t need that level of granularity of having read all of their papers to speak the same language as the others in the room. I can speak with a shared language with behavioral economists, but because I read very broadly, I believe that I have more to contribute.