Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. This is my public hypertext notebook, sharing my thinking in motion at various stages of development.


Spark Wave

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Spark Wave is a Startup Foundry run by Spencer Greenberg that applies social science, strategic thinking, and iterative experimentation to create socially beneficial software companies from scratch.

Our main operations include building products and conducting social science research to support those products. I serve as a behavioral product strategist for them, enabling the leaders of each of the portfolio products to incorporate intentional behavioral influence into their products.

  • Portfolio companies include:
    • ThoughtSaver allows you to easily create flashcards that get emailed to you with spaced repetition from anything you read online. I primarily worked with them on onboarding.
    • GuidedTrack is a simple coding language for social scientists and scrappy entrepreneurs to build advanced studies and rapid prototypes. I am working with them on onboarding.
    • UpLift is an app that delivers cognitive behavioral therapy to people with depression through interactive sessions and tools. I primarily worked with them on retention and onboarding, continuing to advise when needed for various product decisions.
    • Mind Ease is an app that offers anxiety relief in 10 minutes or less. I primarily worked with them on retention and onboarding, continuing to advise when needed.
    • Positly enables faster recruitment of study participants. I have not directly worked with them.
    • Clearer Thinking provides science based tools for better decision-making. I have worked with them on confidential projects.