Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. This is my public hypertext notebook, sharing my thinking in motion at various stages of development.


There are individual differences between new users in their initial user goals

Different people come to the app for different reasons, searching for different information about how it relates to their struggles and goals. Ideally, they should be able to figure out quite quickly that The user has a high expectancy of success in using your software.

One of the products that I work with, GuidedTrack, is flexible in allowing for multiple different use cases. Some people come in wanting to build a prototype for an app, while others start with wanting to run an advanced online experiment. People start using it with different prior goals, and early into the experience, we are trying to express to both groups clearly that the app is instrumental to goal achievement. As a result, The user believes that their actions in the app lead to goal achievement because we Speak to the user with a shared vocabulary.

Lens of Prior Goals:

  • Why are people coming to my app?
  • How much variability is there in initial user goals?
  • Is your app equipped to handle user goals effectively? Which ones?