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There could be many genres of gamification

A genre of games is a set of games that deal with a common set of problems and attempt to deliver a similar experience using a range of common conventions.

Let's go ahead and lump points, badges, and leaderboards together into the "Foursquare genre" of gamification. What might other genres of gamification in software products look like?

We need more genres because most of the gamification we have is Lazy gamification. A relatively homogenous configuration of points, badges, and leaderboards have been slapped onto a heterogenous set of problems. For the broad sets of problems ahead of us for different types of behavior change applications, we need a more varied tools.

Over the course of my career, I hope to nurture the emergence of varied genres as I Make an impact through portfolio effects. I can't wait for the point where the genres and their boundary conditions are well enough understood that we can cross genre lines.

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