Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. This is my public hypertext notebook, sharing my thinking in motion at various stages of development.





Podcast Appearances

  • The Behaviorist: How Products Tell Us About Ourselves Episode 27
    • how I incorporate behavioral science into product, had a blast. Talked about: how person-side factors (like personality) play into behavior change, setting up metrics and UX to study user behavior, and other stuff. Generally how to design products to bring
  • The Behaviorist: Ritualizing CX to be sacred, Episode 35
    • a reverse interview - where I interviewed Nick on his own podcast. We talked about rituals and some bigger issues related to the field of applied BeSci.
  • RoamFM: Gamification, Behavior Design and Exploratory Search, Episode 3
    • We talked about note hygiene, getting lost in someone's digital garden, designing better digital gardens for exploratory search, and hypertext adventures!
  • The Informed Life: Rob Haisfield on Roam, Episode 43
    • Discussion with Jorge Arango about how Roam Research plays into my work (learning across all of the different projects I have as a consultant) and development of my thinking about gamification
  • Sample of One: What Behavioural Scientists can Learn from Game Designers, Episode 8
    • Podcast with David Perrott discussing some of my favorite topics- behavioral science, game design, product design, and learning in a field that’s both theoretical and applied.
  • Clearer Thinking with Spencer Greenberg, Episode 49
    • How do you design a product to handle user failure? How do you keep users motivated even when they fail? How do you successfully onboard new users? What are some different kinds of search behavior? How and when does gamifying a product increase user engagement and success? What psychological components do games attempt to engage with? How do we develop expert intuition in a domain?
  • GRTiQ: Joel Chan and Rob Haisfield, Episode 75
    • Here Joel Chan and I discuss our Scaling Synthesis research with GRTiQ, covering our biggest takeaways, the utility/need for synthesis (academia & practice), the relationship b/w Tools for Thought & web3, as well as the potential roles of AI in decentralized discourse graphs
  • Futurati: Scaling Synthesis and tools for thought,Episode 114
    • We talk about important findings, as well as various existing tools for thought, what makes them special, and how using them changes outcomes for a Google Docs or Office user