Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. Many pages are incomplete. These are ideas in motion, and I'm iterating as I go. These notes are patterns I've noticed and hypotheses to bet on.


Spencer Greenberg

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Spencer Greenberg is the CEO and Founder of Spark Wave, and is my boss for my work there.

He has been an incredibly positive influence on my life. I first heard him on a podcast episode of Action Design Radio and thought to myself, "oh my gosh, I need to talk to him." He runs a behavioral science based startup studio. How cool is that? As I describe in Hyper learning, that is an ultimate ambition of mine. This means he's about 10-20 years ahead of me in a career vision I didn't know others held.

He asked the question, "If someone had a gun pointed at your head and asked you to find the true answer to a question, would you have other ways to do it besides running an experiment?" This is something that had long been running through my mind in some form, and he put words to it. He declared that he is a collector of tools, and every research method is a tool that has its own usefulness and caveats. He taught himself behavioral science!

Spencer thinks like me in ways that I struggled to find in others. He is creative and autodidactic, striving for accuracy in his beliefs and efficacy in his decisions to maximize his impact on the world.

I sent him a message on LinkedIn, set up a call, and mentioned that I wanted to work for him. He wasn't explicitly hiring, but was interested anyway and wrote a job description for me. I was shocked by how well he captured my strengths when he described the different sorts of projects I might work on after just one conversation. He gave me a trial project and then hired me part time so I could continue to develop my independent consulting practice.

Before I started working with Spark Wave, I didn't really have other behavioral scientists to bounce around ideas with and ask advice. I was pretty much figuring out behavioral product strategy and gamification on my own through my research and client projects.

Spencer has been an incredible mentor for me. His experience and knowledge is immense, making him an excellent brainstorming partner. He can sniff a weak argument or under-evidenced claim from a mile away, and suggest alternative points or methods to validate my ideas. He's changed my mind multiple time and I have changed his.

As a boss, he gives me autonomy and respect in my projects, describing the goal, letting me figure out my approach, and then providing guidance when I need or ask for it. The projects he has given me with Thought Saver, Mind Ease, UpLift, GuidedTrack, and internal Spark Wave projects have enabled me to hone my craft in a supportive and experimental working environment.

Working with Spark Wave has been an incredible sandbox for my personal and professional growth, and I have Spencer to thank for it.