Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. If something seems incomplete, it probably is. These are ideas in motion, so I'm iterating on every page as I go.



Adam Taylor

Cofounder and CEO of Fabriq

"These days, it's all too easy to think you’re implementing effective behavioral design principles after reading a few articles, or a one-off conversation with someone who’s “done it before”, but Rob provides the kind of expertise that product design teams are unlikely to possess in-house, even if they are well schooled in UI/UX/CX. Rob’s contribution to our “goal & reward” system redesign was not only a crucial correction to our process and the direction we took the work, but it was an educational opportunity for our team(s) that gave us additional lenses through which to view our work that will pay dividends down the line.”

Spencer Greenberg

Founder of Spark Wave

Mathematician, Behavioral Scientist, Entrepreneur "Rob has remarkable creativity, and an impressive fluency with applying behavior science principles in a practical way to our products. He has demonstrated his ability to solve tricky user behavior challenges time and again.”

Eddie Liu

Founder of UpLift

"Rob has brought a valuable behavioral science perspective to our company. He dives deep into the issues at hand and  has been crucial in helping us change user behavior in a logical and effective manner."

Patrick Olsen

Optimization consultant specializing in strategic optimization, driving teams to increase conversions and hands on CRO

"Rob is an amazing behavioral scientist. He simply saw things about our product that we didn't. His communication skills were excellent, and you could truly feel his passion for delivering the best results possible. No doubt I will hire Rob again for future projects. I give him my highest recommendations."