Behavioral product strategist and gamification designer. This is my public hypertext notebook, sharing my thinking in motion at various stages of development.


Think of this claim as a parameter rather than a claim of universal truth

On this website, I phrase my beliefs in strong terms. This is just because I've found it to be helpful for rearranging ideas to pick out the affirmative statements that feel true or relevant for a given context. I ignore the rest.

Not every claim is going to be true in all situations. This is a feature, not a bug. It means that I can filter my attention down to a smaller set of parameters.

I do this because I use my notes to support the process of diagnosing situations and generating ideas. That is challenging if I'm thinking about too many or too few ideas at once.

Take a look at the Parameters of onboarding page. Notice that I link to positive claims, like People start using an app with different prior skill levels and User goals change over time, but then I ask questions about the degree to which they are true. The truth of most claims about behavior are contextual anyway.

As an aside, if I wanted to have a standard notation for this, I could maybe have a slider going from 1 to -1 beside each preference. That's something I can only properly do in a database like Roam.