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motivation check

  • definition: A motivation check is a moment where you give a user a choice where what they choose reflects their current level of motivation.
  • According to BJ Fogg, we have motivation waves. Tie that in with the Fogg Behavior Model and you find that when people have high motivation, you should ask them to do something big and impactful, because if people are motivated to do more than the task that we ask them to do, it would be a waste for us not to prompt them to do so. On the flip side, if people aren't particularly motivated, we shouldn't ask them to do something hard. This is similar to the premise of difficulty matching
    • If we take the assumptions "If motivation is higher than ability when the user is prompted, they will do the behavior." and its inverse as true, then this means a choice where the user would get a higher return for more effort would reflect a heightened level of motivation.
      • Collecting this information about users is a valuable way to get to know them