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For anyone who isn't already familiar, Roam Research is a knowledge management system that organizes text on a graph of connections. Think of it like a Wikipedia that you write that can be queried and filtered like a database. For example, a behavioral scientist could search for interventions that change social norms. Roam would pull up all instances in your database that connect "intervention" with "social norms" and display them to you in the context where you originally wrote down those notes, so you would see associated papers and projects as well.

Roam is notoriously hard to describe. I posted a tweet a while ago asking for people to try, got 60+ responses, and none were super satisfying. It’s written text on a graph data structure so text is built to be connected to each other. Compare this to traditional text management apps with files and folders, where information is siloed down a singular path of folders and sub folders. If you use it, just write down your thoughts and connect them together, you’ll get it eventually. On my channel, I have videos on my YouTube channel showing how others use it.

I've been using it for almost a year for my own consulting practice, and it has been life-changing as a way to compound experiential learning.

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