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Speak to the user with a shared vocabulary

New users do not yet have the vocabulary to understand the app. They understand the product through the lens of their own goals and what's familiar to them. The company will generally have its own goals, like increasing the frequency of engagement. However, we can't just tell people to use the app every day. The user needs to have a reason to do so, articulated in terms of the user's own goals.

When working with clients, I often Use a badging system as a method of actionable user research to gain that shared vocabulary. When I started working with Fabriq, they had a badging system that was essentially, "use Fabriq multiple times this week, x weeks in a row." That's the company's goal, not the user's goal. The user's goal is more like "connect with my loved ones." The trick is to find the instances where you can translate company goals into user goals. In this case, if the user successfully accomplishes their goal, then Fabriq's goal is a byproduct.